Loso Ya Bumba is named after the region where the rice is grown, which is a village named after the late general of the army, Bumba Moaso Djogi, the  Father of founder Annie Bumba.

November 2004

Loso Ya Bumba or L Y B was established in November 2004 with the objective of supplying breweries in the DRC, who use rice to brew beer. We supplied 250 tons of rice to 3 towns in the DRC namely; Kinshasa, Kinsangani and Mbandaka. We initially called it CDCB which stood for “Cooperative de development cummunautaire de Bumba”, headed by a group of young Congolese who are no longer part of the project.

2005 – 2010

Realizing that merely farming was not going to make the difference we desired to see in our community we decided to use the platform of our rice company to establish an NGO, the 1st NGO representing the Bumba region. Education was an identified area that needed help so we organised seats for schools once we noticed that the children were sitting on the floor during class. Another area of concern was health care, so we supplied generic medicine in the only pharmacy in the Bumba region. All the while giving farmers tools and support courses to better their skills.


We have come to a place now where we have a vision to distribute our rice all over the DRC, we have come up with a plan to be able to identify our brand in the public place, as well as the creation of the 1st rice packaging ever done for our home made rice! Identified under the brand ” Loso Ya Bumba” which simply means “rice from Bumba”. 14 years of adding value to our community will now extend even further into the commercialization of our rice.


Support Your Local Farmers

The “Loso Ya Bumba” vision is carried out by Annie Bumba and Richard Madimba. WE are the 1st national non-governmental-organization representative in the Bumba region, advocating and promoting the rights of farmers to sell their own goods. We have been supporting and equipping farmers for the past 14 years.