We are more than just a rice company, we focus on the needs of our community and use our rice business as a platform to impact our community, by educating other farmers to be able to farm to the best of their ability.

Our Mission Statement

  • Supply farmers with adequate tools to be able to work the soil
  • Provide relevant courses and new techniques on how to be more effective
  • Advocate on behalf of farmers
  • Develop and maintain standards on the new way of milling the rice to have better quality
  • Gather and disseminate information on matters concerning good quality seeds o have good quality rice
  • Work together with international organizations for the improvement of the quality of life of the farmers

Our Vision Statement

Loso Ya Bumba is an organization of over 5000 farmers, who serve, work and produce rice with the objective of poverty alleviation. The process of rehabilitating our produce and farming environments so we can sell our produce in the capital city, Kinshasa, and now across Africa will help our farmers educate their children and help us develop our community.


Looking towards the future Loso Ya Bumba, is not only looking to better the lives of the farmers who are part of our organization today, but also to better the lives of the farmers who will join us tomorrow and the children of these farmers and immediate communities. Equiping a farming to be able to equip others.


Support Your Local Farmers

The “Loso Ya Bumba” vision is carried out by Annie Bumba and Richard Madimba. WE are the 1st national non-governmental-organization representative in the Bumba region, advocating and promoting the rights of farmers to sell their own goods. We have been supporting and equipping farmers for the past 14 years.