Loso Ya Bumba, is an organization that has a network of over 5000 farmers who serve, work and produce rice in order to alleviate poverty.

We don’t only equip the farmers with the necessary tools and skills to farm, but we give back to our community through various arms of our NGO such as education and health care.

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About Us

Loso Ya Bumba, was established in November 2004 with the objective of supplying breweries in the DRC, who use rice to brew beer. We produced 250 tons of rice to 3 towns in DRC; Kinshasa, Kinsangani and Mbandaka.


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Support Our Local Farmers

The “Loso Ya Bumba” vision is carried out by Annie Bumba and Richard Madimba. WE are the 1st national non-governmental-organization representative in the Bumba region, advocating and promoting the rights of farmers to sell their own goods. We have been supporting and equipping farmers for the past 14 years.

Our Mission Statement

Behind every bag of rice is a farmer, behind that farmer is a family. 14 years of experience in the industry means 14 years of adding value to our farming community. More to our rice than just the next meal, we think bigger, we think about the education of those farmers and their children, we think about the health of our community.

Our Local Farmers

Our Farmers are hard working individuals who are passionate about their craft, guaranteed that the rice is grown in the healthiest and safest environments because we eat some of our own crop.

Healthy Recipes

Weather you cooking for yourself or for the family, you always need new delicious ideas to put on the plate in front of hungry stomachs. Click on the link below for some delicious ideas for tonight’s supper.